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ottod’Ame FW / The Music


Music in 8 parts.
The trascendental intimate ballads of Charlotte.

strategy – creative&art direction – copywriting&storytelling – illustration – location&model scouting – production – photo&video direction – soundtrack selection – editorial design

Roofs, canals, glimpses of Paris.

There she was, a frowning face, and a smile always ready to blossom, like a whimsical girl, but even a romantic woman full of surprises. It moves at the rhythm of the music and makes the eyes shine.
 This is the FW by ottod’Ame.

Every doubt disappeared at the sight of the collection. You rock, baby! Here we go, in a surprising city to discover step after step, even though you won’t never catch its complete, truly essence. Fascinating.
Exactly the same as the ottod’Ame woman!

Should I stay or should I go?

Inside-out, for a journey to the delight of the soul and eyes. And music, which is always with us. In a room full of old discs, where an hairbrush becomes a microphone. In a gloomy club, the perfect place where to hide dreams. Strolling around, along roads and behind doors that conceal whatever secrets.
Moving forward, always, moving.

C'est quelqu'un qui m'a dit que tu m'aimais encore.

On the shooting set we are always very focused. Everything must work perfectly, talents that collaborate with us (professionals and friends that we admire and respect) are accustomed to our obsessive attention to details, to our attitude of striving towards what we have in mind, with no compromise. This is one of our strengths, one of those we are most proud of: we never surrender or stop in front of a closed door, but find an alternative way.
No way? We invent it!

The trascendental intimate ballads of Charlotte.

Our narration, one of the most striking traits characterizing our personal story with ottod’Ame, is dedicated to Charlotte and her journey through a city that observes her and let her explore it with sight. To enrich the pages, where the collection is the undisputed protagonist, we chose some verses by Baudelaire.
Because beauty deserved to be surrounded by beauty.

Beyond the known.

This could be a way of describing our approach to every project we design, and in particular the shootings that lead to the realisation of the images for the catalogue, advertising, web and billpostings. This is true for every project with ottod’Ame, we always went beyond the known. Someone might think we are stubborn and obstinate, but we are neither scared, nor intimidated by it. Be sure, when it’s up to peep beyond the corner to catch sight of new ways and worlds we are at the forefront.
And we like it, even after so many years!

Paper stories.

We are in love with the digital world, social networks and their endless possibilities, the spontaneity of a click. But – you know that is always a matter of but – we love paper unconditionally. We like to design, touch, gently browse pages with our hands. And celebrate the beauty of our work by seeking the kind of paper that perfectly matches with the project and can highlight and give value to it. Results always fill us up with pride.


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