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We are an independent company that develops strategy, branding, packaging, advertising, graphic design and digital experience strategies. Out of the box.

almagreal is communication, exchange, discussion!

Our team is agile, inquiring, smart, creative, kind, generous and funny.
Believe it or not, we enjoy working.
We are art directors, writers and copywriters, illustrators, creative accounts, media planners, graphic designers.

We devote utmost attention, dedication and commitment to every single client, every single project – even the smallest one – : we put our heart, soul, face out there for our work, along with sleepless nights, cooking experiments and rounds of table football. We love to support smart brands in developing unique and ethical impact projects. We build tools to connect companies to their audience,

to mould possible worlds that companies narrate to achieve their goals and inspire experiential affinities.

Human touch, mutual exchange, relation, togetherness, empathy.
This is what we believe and genuinely practice.

A stubborn, independent,
but human inclination.

Women, men. Human beings.
However, creatives.

Fluid Independent Creative Studio.

This is almagreal.

Design is not for goods, it is for human beings.

Empathy. Tales. Strategies. We all learn it as children: if you are willing to teach something, then tell a story. We invent stories using words, graphic elements, illustrations, animations, movies and graphic design. We always start from observing and analysing to elaborate a strategy and hit the public with our creativity.

The fact is emotions rule over even
the most important decision.

We believe in ESP (emotional selling proposition)​​

The emotional value of a brand makes the difference.

Ideas turn into images. Images trigger emotions. Emotions build value and shape the brand identity. We built up the work in our own way: a mix and match of human minds and impossible ideas. Sharing is essential to us: energies, visions, experiences, curiosity, music, passions. This is where our limitless lifeblood comes from. We focus on life and the world to let our inner beings come up.

Creativity is not a mere artsy exercise. It has to do with something that is meant to touch brains.
That is made with love.

Because in almagreal



We need to go further. Companies, products, brands surround us. However, stories needs a narrator, a plot and a well-developed character. Our secret? We build a brandenvironment! A whole universe of ways, tales and signs, which adopts a special and recognizable style to avoid any confusion becoming a unique and peculiar subject in all its tangible and intangible expressions.

Strategy and affinity: an exclusive space of identification and relation that cuddles, wraps up, entertains, as well as listens and speaks to the audience.


Brands talk like persons do and, indeed, they are conversations themselves.


We transform visions into reality. We strive to grasp objectives and nuances of our customers’ business to fill the creeping gap in communication. We highlight their values. We set up the best screenplay to communicate who they are, share their vision through images, contents, visual and copy. We build Brands, their environment, identity, strategy and creative solutions, their communication, their experiences. Moreover, we connect them to the world and people.

We do not have ready-made answers.
We are full of questions.

Overwhelming, confusing.
Nonetheless, they lead us to find the most glorious, efficient, matching path.

Overwhelming, confusing.
Nonetheless, they lead us to find the most glorious, efficient, matching path.

We will be pleased to answer your requests with so many questions. Good questions are incredibly powerful and useful. Where a prosy answer stops a project, a question opens up to strategic and creative processes.

“We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are.”

Bruno Munari