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ottod’Ame @MFW / Fabbrica del Vapore


Another ride, another race.

strategy – concept – creative direction – event direction – location&models scouting – production – music selection

Running and flowing fragments, stopping for a moment and starting again. They meet and clash, until the last ride.
New coin: another ride, another race.

On the Milan Fashion Week we planned, created and realized an event within the courtyard of Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. The occasion? The presentation of the Spring Summer collection by ottod’Ame. The goal? Working outside the box of runway shows. Moreover, amaze, amuse, seduce.

Set, ready, GO!

It seemed unimaginable, impossible and too difficult. But we did it!
We took bumper cars inside Fabbrica del Vapore.
A real track, an amusement park style one. Alongside with twelve models, on the cars.
A runway show/event completely out of the box. In perfect ottod’Ame style.
And almagreal, too.

On the track!

A setting nobody could expect. Stroboscopic lights, music and high laughter, the bumper car track became theatre of an unforgettable performance. The models’ allure melted up in astonished and amazed smiles when they got on track in a route swinging from glamour and childhood memories.
A metaphoric journey, an occasion to go back to a time, when everything was possible, and the utmost amusement was a carousel ride, along with carnies.

A set on stage.

The bumper car track in the middle of the square obviously became the main attraction. All around, club tables lit by large glowing spheres placed on the ground. Food&beverage could be nothing, but out of the ordinary, too: champagne and lampredotto – traditional Tuscan street food –, a vintage food truck for an unusual combination: genuine and chic.

They got the looks!

Twelve looks especially designed for the event, in order to recall four places, near and far away, symbols of the many souls of ottod’Ame. From India to Texas, from Sicily to Mexico. Between overlapping and mix. Nothing is as it seems, everything is becoming.

Time to party!

After the show, party! One of our favourite moments, when our job is almost done. We never drop our guard, we are still alert, but we take our time to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of being surrounded by happy and smiling faces. We raise our glasses to the new challenge we faced with enthusiasm and dedication.

A date to be saved and remembered.

As in all our events, we took care of the Save the date – with an illustration that anticipated the atmosphere of the event – and the small cadeaux to give to participants as a present. A bumper car coin, customized by ottod’Ame: a one-way to infinity. Because people do not shape travels, but travels shape people.


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