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8 year of ottod’Ame @PittiImmagine


The loveful eight.

concept – event design – art & creative direction – music selection – video

Happy birthday, ottod’Ame.

Every collection is a journey. Every picture is a daydream. Every goal is a moment to remember. Since the creation of the brand, we celebrated every birthday together. However, this birthday is one of the most significant ones.

16 collections, 8 years, 8 springs, 8 falls, 8 winters, 8 summers by ottod’Ame.

8 years of poetry.

Like a daydream. We realized an event to remember the images, sounds and colours that moulded the ottod’Ame world in our 8-year collaboration. Where reality overcomes imagination.

The secret garden.

Right in the centre of Florence, behind thick walls, you can discover the Corsini garden. Our location is the one and only example of English garden in the city. Setting and scenery of our dreamlike installation.

An exhibition path.

An evening that smells of summer, 16 mysterious women, a secret passage, a space-time journey. We imagined and realized a scattered installation throughout the Corsini garden. A way that is both a space installation and an exhibition path about the process of growth of the brand and its brand awareness. The 16 women that livened up the brand and that the visitor could meet here and there, among the plants of the wonderful garden, the screening of the 16 fashion movies to enjoy like an open air cinema, but the showing of the incredible 16 original stories written specifically for every collection, too. Every corner of the Corsini garden was whispering “ottod’Ame”.

Party, music, atmosphere.

Gliding softly on an ever-changing world, with the eyes of a child. Never forgetting to celebrate joyfully. ottod’Ame leads you through a dreamlike dimension, where to tell more about the brand and its 8-year history. A special party in a summer night coloured by the music of great women: the Djs Simona Faraone and Valentina Sartorio, and, directly from Los Angeles, the L.A. WITCH.

Tailor-made communication.

The event’s name, its design and invitations. Moreover, the gadgets’ design, setting details, colours, lights, menus and cocktails’ names. We curated, realized and customized every single communication detail of the party.

The loveful tapes.

A special present to remember a special celebration. Our cadeaux was unique. A tape with 16 soundtracks composed and selected over years for the brand’s fashion movies. A way to listen and live in headphones these great 8 years by ottod’Ame.


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