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ottod’Ame SS / Poetry


The dreamy symmetries of Rose.

creative direction – art direction

We tell a story starting from a colour, shape, textile or print.

Every collection has an intimate story to tell. It belongs to a place that has neither borders nor coordinates. It shows off one side, but it has thousand others. You can only try to capture its many perspectives, viewpoints and games of lights. It moves at its own rhythm and dances on the notes of its unique soundtrack. We translate this silent story into a unique image campaign that follows the leading theme of every collection: shot after shot, note after note and word after word.

Observing details inspire us.

The Spring Summer collection by ottod’Ame talks about poetry, symmetries and colours. We listened to its story carefully to redraft it in our own almagreal language

location & model scouting – production

Metaphysics of space and physical destination of the soul.

We selected a location that could narrate our vision of the collection. Beyond the Escher-inspired architectures, the Spanish coastline, roads and hidden corners are the background and frame of our insights. The perfect stage for a multifaceted, conceptual and refined woman; a romantic but rock soul, minimalist and naïve, passionate and curious.
photo & video direction – soundtrack selection

Snapshots of countryside and poetry.

Our creative direction borrows its voice to a collection with a distinctive character aiming to turn every single shot in an image of the countryside of the future. Perspectives, poses, viewpoints. Moreover, profiles, movements, lights. Pieces of clothing and their cuts, fabrics, shapes and combinations. The ottod’Ame collection takes shape in photos and videos. We take care of it and translate images into rhythm to the notes of Coral by Aquarama.
almagreal ottodame ss20
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editorial design – copywriting

The symmetric voice of paper.

An editorial and photographic project where the cover paper packaging meets the balance of paperweights and symmetries of colours. We selected photos, followed the post-production process, took care of the layout and every single detail of both the project’s production and realization. For us, each catalogue is a narration made of images and words. Moreover, it is an object to touch, read and collect.

One woman.
The words, the story.

Words tell us more about Rose, the ottod’Ame woman and protagonist of the Spring Summer collection. Each catalogue guards her story, the leitmotif of our whole narration and textual portrait that accompanies, describes and frames the entire creative direction.
“Rose questo se lo ripeteva sempre.
Era il suo mantra.
Una ricerca continua di curiose simmetrie che esplorano l’infinito.
Nella primissima alba, con i piedi nella sabbia, cercava la perfezione nell’imperfezione del sole appena sorto. Come se quei raggi appena usciti potessero trapassarla ed infondere in lei un’energia senza limiti nel tempo e nello spazio.”


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