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Savigni / Communication is strong


The new butcher farm.

strategy – rebranding & payoff – visual identity – creative direction – copy strategy – illustration & graphic design – web design – digital strategy

Meat is a question of heart.

Meat is not only a product. It’s a bond. True, with the family. Physical, with the territory. Tangible, with the expertise of the artisan that follows the entire production chain, from livestock to finished products. We narrated this exclusive tie for the Savigni Family, revolutionizing their image: new logo, new language, new style.

Quality in every product is strength for the Savigni Family.


Manifesto is strong!

Passion is strong.
The nourishment that allows branches to stretch towards the sky.
Family is strong.
The root that keeping feet firmly on the ground allows the gaze to look and challenge new horizons.
Work is strong.
The constant desire to grow and improve without losing sight of values and traditions.
Attention is strong.
The meat of Savigni is tasty, genuine, 100% Italian and organic. Thanks to a stock farming built around compliance – with times, ways, life – and a special care for animals.

A new trademark.

We designed a strong and original sign that could tell a story without sounding “educational”. A logo embracing a full universe of values: artisanship, expertise, tradition, sense of belonging, family. A trademark that talks about products, too: meat and cold cuts.
A name, the family name.
Signature and trait of passion.
A barbell resulting from the two dots of letter “i”, symbol of strength.
Along with the logo, a payoff stating clearly and briefly who are the Savigni, what they do and how.
The extreme ability to sum up of the Savigni family.
The butcher shop with the important role of manual skills and, therefore, artisanship, expertise, experience. The farming connotation opens up the Savigni world in its truly essence: a farm immersed in a healthy environment ensuring an overall control on the production process, from animal feed to check on livestock, butchery and processing in the in-house laboratories.

pantone 182 C

pantone 465 C

pantone 465 C

More than a brand, a brandvironment.

The Savigni trademark was conceived to evolve.
Elements within are connected among them and with the outer world. These elements are linked and interconnected – inside and outside the logo – among them and with others; they behave as if they were a unique system. A system made of signs and illustrations, headlines and pictures to narrate and manage a multisensory and multiplatform world dipped in an unusual corporate colour: pink.

Story is strong!

It is worth reminding, immortalizing, celebrating it. Therefore, we realized a corporate video for the Savigni family! Memory is strong!

A moving image.

The new image of Savigni is dynamic, flowing, and ever changing. The system of illustrations moves, becomes animated, narrates and amazes in a series of extra short movies!

Pink matches with everything!

Labels, business cards, headed paper, props, T-shirts, caps, vans and three-wheeler vans. The Savigni pink spread and colour all around. Making it unique. The official colour that we chose for the brand Savigni: pink reminding of butcher shops of the 60s, even though it might appear unusual in combination with this kind of business. Is not the life en rose? We colour it!

Story is strong!

Quality, excellence, healthy and organic feeding, free-range livestock. Moreover, tradition, super short supply chain, artisanship, made in Italy, virtue, wholesomeness and saltiness of meat. All in one special editorial plan, with a dedicated shooting to present the farm and products by Savigni.

Unforgettable sign.

Passing through Pavana, it does not go unnoticed: the sign of the Savigni small shop. Can you withstand curiosity?

Pink fleet.

In Pavana, but not only. The Savigni Pink is ready to go on a travel throughout Italy to surprise everyone.


Strong digital presence!

The digital identity conquered the web, thanks to the new rules and graphic solutions we planned. The website is interactive, colourful and strong!


Post, stories and animated videos: every month, we take care of content creation and coordination activities for all the digital channels of Savigni. Sharing is strong!


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