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Game7Athletics / Campagna ADS


My game, my rules.
Sport, style, life.

strategy – advertising campaign – creative direction – copy strategy – editorial design – digital strategy

Follow your rules, play your game. This is our campaign for Game7Athletics, multi-brand retailer and leader in the sector of sportswear and lifestyle, as well as partner in the group Champion Italy.

One meeting, one match, one idea. On the inauguration of the new store Game7Athletics at the Gigli Florence, we designed a campaign for Game7Athletics with a peculiar street and international taste. A campaign without any rules, ties, plans.

Sport, style, life.
new payoff

Game7Athletics is the right answer for people who turn passion for sports into a lifestyle. Since 2007, this is the first destination for all sport, lifestyle and fashion lovers. The payoff we created for G7A mirrors this very soul.
Game7Athletics is sport. This is the world it belongs to and that inspires and moves it, every day.
Game7Athletics is style. Over years, the world of fashion got more and more touched by the sport culture designing transversal pieces of clothing.
Game7Athletics is life . Because for people who love sports and its world glamour and comfort are a lifestyle.

New concept.
New story.
New store.

A clear concept, an idea that echoes like a mantra: people set the rules of their own game. Wear what you like. Mix, match, dare and rock. With Game7Athletics, you can choose to be whoever you like, every day. Urban, sport and casual styles meet up and complete one another leaving intact your freedom of expressing yourself.
Your game, your rules.

Strike a pose.

Protagonists of their own lives, choices and territory. Authentic, true protagonists of today. For this campaign, we selected 7 non-professionals models, leading figures in the sport, art and musical environment, especially in Tuscany. With their original style, story to tell and experiences to share.

Tear off and compose.

A tear to represent change, a different choice, the possibility to decide our own rules. A graphic style that allowed us to combine varied pieces of clothing, moods and subjects. Free to give shape to our own style.

Your game, our life.

A journey, a story, a mission.
We narrated their essence by selecting cards, studying folds and realising a dynamic and light editorial plan: a brochure that does not obey rules.

What you play leaves a mark.

Billpostings, dynamic advertising, publications, digital ads. We planned a comprehensive media campaign.


What you create leaves a mark.

Not only in the city. The campaign could count on the presence of a landing page dedicated to the new opening of the store at CC I Gigli in Florence, along with a digital advertising strategy.

What you say leaves a mark.

Moreover, the realisation of a radio commercial, which we wrote and directed, integrated the campaign: 20’’ of story, news and genuine Game7Athletics character.


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