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Maman et Sophie / Image campaign

Maman et Sophie

Unforgettable joy and jewels.

strategy – creative direction – model scouting – photo&post production direction – copywriting – graphic&editorial design – digital content

Jewels, much more than accessories. Pieces of art, symbols, material memories of emotions.

Jewels are much more than objects, especially when they are designed with passion and joy. This is the leading idea for our creative direction of the campaigns for Maman et Sophie: colour, elegance and enthusiasm. For the woman who, day by day, chooses who, how and where she wants to be.

Who cares?

A collection for little and grown-up women, willing to take care of everyone overlooking background noises. True elegance is neither boring, nor static. Authentic elegance lies in the pleasure of taking yourself seriously, with a smile. A colourful, joyful, highly expressive image campaign, for people who give appropriate weight to carefreeness and choose to be authentic.

Take a look.

Colour and symmetry, expressivity and dynamism. A catalogue that let your dreams, imagination and irony blossom. For a super glamour jewel.

Xmas Capsule

Merry Happy.

Let me shine! Especially during holidays. A detail, a colour or a waterfall of glitters. Now you see, now you don’t effect, contrasting tones and so much fun. Smiling lets true light flow.

Lettering collection

From A to Z.

No words needed if your jewels talk for you! Letters, letters and more letters. To give shape to wishes and dreams, to discern your soul. I love, choose and have fun. And I tell it my own way, in my own language, even without speaking.
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