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Radici Italiane

Radici italiane

the taste of discovering excellence

branding – strategy – copywriting – visual identity – packaging – website – e-commerce – digital content – merchandising

For the start-up company that selects only the best of Italian delicacies: a branding out of the box!

When Denise and Tommaso arrived at almagreal to tell us about their Radici Italiane project – selecting niche food and wine specialities to make them known and, at the same time, promoting the area – it was immediately clear to us how much work had gone into selecting the individual products.

A window can be
a discovery a glimpse a vision a horizon a companion

A window on the world.

A journey that becomes a discovery, an opportunity for in-depth study and storytelling. A window from which to enjoy an ever-changing territory and its ever-surprising delicacies. This is where we started.
Are you ready to come with us?

A window with a view.

In designing the logo, we transformed the core product of Radici Italiane – the box – into a window that opens onto the scene of Italian food and wine specialities. We studied a targeted and incisive storytelling that would enhance the great research work carried out on the territory. In the same way, the payoff highlights the selection of artisanal (and other) realities Italy is rich in. The result is a fresh, high-impact branding that is absolutely recognisable and versatile.

palette colore

font system




Quick to say box.

The absolute star is the box that encloses delicacies. And the one designed and styled by almagreal for Radici Italiane certainly stands out! The illustrations’ design is based on the products and elements that are part of the brand, playing on the synergy with the brand and the copy elements.

Merchandising & applications.

At almagreal we never stop at a single task or project. Our desire to build a brandenviroment touches all the media that build and strengthen brand awareness. Merchandising is a powerful part of this and certainly stands out!

Www, wow!

The design of an e-commerce site is always delicate. The right balance has to be found between narrative and user experience, so as to optimise the user’s permanence on the site and to accompany the customer in his purchase, while giving the right value to the story of the philosophy and brand values. For Radici Italiane we created an e-commerce site that is simple to use, leaving plenty of room for images and going into detail about each product and the composition of the different boxes. The result is a mouth-watering virtual showcase!

We like it and share it!

For the teaser and launch phases we came up with a series of illustrations and animations for Radici Italiane’s social profiles. The car – the one on which Denise and Tommaso had travelled looking for goodies – became a collector touring Italy in search of beauty and, above all, the Italian delicacies. In the same way, and with the same visual tone of voice, we created panoramas to tell the story of the first cities selected: Florence, Pistoia and Grosseto with its coastline.

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