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Crust / Downjacket for Kings and Queens


Enough is not enough.

strategy – naming&logotype – creative direction – art direction – copywriting – media planning – shooting direction

The Cinellistudio heritage for Queens&Kings.

We love narrating stories. Especially when there is a true story to tell. At the very moment when Cinellistudio showed us the first apparels of the Crust line, we snuggled up in the embrace of the history of the Italian down jacket. The one you used to wear to go skiing, but to play it cool with friends, too. Women and men, queens&kings, we built a world where the urban wear comes to the fore regaining its right place as must-have. For the Crust line, almagreal started with the naming and brand identity to realize, at a later stage, a shooting, the advertising pages, website, labelling, setting up for fairs and event concept. This is just the beginning of the story.


hearts to spin coeurs en detour

Un coup de cœur.

When we first proposed it, it seemed crazy. Contacting David Belle, the founder of parkour. Flying to Paris. Asking to his traceurs to wear the Crust outerwear and act like models for a shooting in the Ville Lumiere, on rough roofs, metal bridges, cornices standing out against the city. It seemed crazy; however, it resulted in one of our most amazing shooting ever. Pure adrenaline that we brought back to Florence with us by organizing an event-runway with the 12 traceurs for Pitti Immagine Uomo. And the story has made history.

If you’ll be a Queen,
I’ll be your King.

Lightweight, in the wind.

on Queens and Kings

Rocky love on Grand Canyon

Crust on paper.

Do you think it is difficult to show on paper the intensity of a shooting? Are you sure? Have a look and let us know.
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