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The Roboqbo aqademy.

web design – art&creative direction – copywriting – graphic design – illustration

QboSapiens is knowledge, know-how, growth, innovation. It is more than just a school. It is the Roboqbo aqademy. A project of in-presence and distance learning whose webdesign and creative direction were designed by almagreal.

Selection and creation of visual content, editing and optimisation of photographic content, SEO-oriented drafting and revision of all texts. The work done for QboSapiens was fully developed by almagreal. A project carried out with the aim of developing and implementing a digital and automated system for e-learning, presentation and sale of Roboqbo courses.

The design of QboSapiens.

The website design was coordinated with an important UX and UI activity. The UX – to guarantee usability and accessibility – was based on the identification and simplification of a customer centric selling approach: from the definition of the tree to the categorisation of the course types, up to the definition of CTAs capable of guiding the user’s navigation behaviour. In the same way, the UI activity was conceived with the aim of simplifying the user experience and communicating in a coherent and original way the values and the new image of QboSapiens.

The visual identity of a new e-learning.

The whole user experience and user interface activity came together with the conception, definition and realisation of the QboSapiens visual identity. As in a branding project, we designed and created a unique language for the Roboqbo academy. A visual identity that stands out for its innovation and character.

A system that transforms online growth.

Photographic elements meet type work and colour shapes. The human presence is strong, as well as the presence of the Qbo system. The result is a visual that becomes a metaphor for each type of course. To emerge, stand out and be remembered.

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