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Progetto Quid / ReSisters

Progetto Quid

ReSisters, beyond sisterhood.

strategy – creative&art direction – copywriting&storytelling – model scouting – produzione – photo&video direction – digital content

Progetto Quid makes fashion, but in a different way. The fabrics come from donations and stocks of prestigious Italian companies. And they are processed by people - mainly women - who strongly wanted a new way, a new life, a new chance. When we were asked to think of a way to convey the strength of women and the company's commitment to ethics and sustainability with a lookbook, we immediately realised that we had to go beyond image. One of those challenges we love!

The brief we received was clear: to tell the story of Spring Summer 2022 by focusing on the strong, empathetic bond that exists between women. An intense sisterhood, but at the same time as light and fresh as the colourful and energetic collection. We started – as often happens at almagreal – by defining the concept. And – again, as it often happens – we aimed to go beyond the concept of sisterhood, which is often used and abused, especially in the world of fashion.

Standing by.
Stand by each other.

We have mentioned it before, but we never tire of saying it: naming is a very delicate operation. It’s a subtle balance between storytelling and suggestion. A name has to tell an entire story in one single word and convey a horizon in a few letters. For Progetto Quid’s Spring Summer, our research led us into semantic universes that speak of a strong and aware, responsible and stubborn, but also smiling and fresh femininity. This is how ReSisters was born: beyond resilience, beyond resistance, beyond sisterhood. A name that also has clear references to the soul of Quid, the social enterprise of which Progetto Quid is the fashion branch.

The setting, before the set.

For the Spring Summer 2022 production of Progetto Quid, we took care of every little detail, from the choice of models to the creation of the visual elements on the set. The strong concept led us to involve two artists to create an ah-hoc painted backdrop. We chose and commissioned Francesco Lauretta and Anna Capolupo and left them free to interpret their own vision of ReSisters that would evoke a new idea of femininity and complicity through images, by combining their own vision of the graphic elements on the collection’s prints.

A look at the lookbook.

As early as on the set we realised that the shoot had the flavour, intensity and freshness we wanted. Seeing the shots in the printed lookbook confirmed our feelings. The story of Progetto Quid’s Spring Summer 2022 unfolds, allowing us to perceive the joy, lightness and freshness of the collection, while at the same time giving the right emphasis and value to the intensity and ethical commitment behind each garment by Progetto Quid. Because there is another way of making fashion and narrating beauty.

The likes we like.

As it often happens, the shots – and videos – taken for the lookbook become the stars of social media. The entire visual part of Progetto Quid’s Instagram and Facebook profiles features the hands of almagreal at work to cut, enhance, accompany and animate the shots and visual elements of the Spring Summer 2022. We like it. Very, very much!

A peek at the backstage

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