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Proraso / Shaving and grooming kit


Alongside those who help people who shave.

copywriting – packaging – graphicdesign

Classic, unique, very Italian and internationally recognised. Whoever says beard says Proraso.

Working for Ludovico Martelli is a great joy for us. We had already put ourselves to the test with the branding and packaging of Tenax, their hair styling line (have you already had a look? Find the project here!). This time the historical Tuscan company chose us to work on their core product, the holy monster of shaving: Proraso. The request: to create a catchy and functional packaging for their shaving and grooming kits for the American market (USA and Canada). A project to sink almagreal’s teeth into! There are so many elements to include, none of which can be sacrificed. From the fragrance, to the characteristics, languages, distinctive elements and signs of the brand loved and appreciated in Italy, but also in Europe and the States. A delicate balance between copy and design which – at a glance – would succeed in conveying the high quality, tradition and history of Proraso. The result is right in front of your eyes.

With or against the grain?

No, don’t do it, never shave against the grain, all the best barbers in the world – all those who use Proraso shaving kit products – advise against it. What we created on the packaging of the Refreshing, Hard Beards and Sensitive Skin kits surely goes against the grain. The cardboard box with housings features a superimposed band that collects all the essential information. These are accompanied by a double photographic level: the products, which clearly and distinctly stand out, and a historic barber’s shop – one of those where only Proraso products are used – which houses the shape of the founder Ludovico Martelli, a distinctive sign of the authenticity and tradition of the brand. The brand is strong and present, both on the front – enhanced by the classic tricolour flag – and on the sides. The power of simplicity!

With care, lots of care.

And so we also dealt with the packaging of the beard care kits, composed of products dedicated to men who prefer a specific and special kind of grooming to shaving. Here again, three versions have been created by almagreal – with variations in the composition of the kits – one for each fragrance: Azur Lime, Cypress & Vetyver, Wood & Spice. The three distinctive colours of the full-bodied fragrances welcome the double photographic level of the products, absolute protagonists, and the barber’s shop, a place of excellence for lovers of shaving and Proraso products. Ludovico Martelli’s signature moves to the front with his payoff that reiterates the heritage of the company, chosen by Italian barbers since 1948. The brand is more than evident in its silver version, both on the front and on the sides of the band. Those in almagreal who take care of their beards have no doubt: they work!

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