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ottod’Ame / Case history


ottod’Ame universe

naming & branding – communication strategy – campaign concept – art & creative direction photo & video direction – copywriting – ADS & media planning – production – event – editorial design – web design

Imagined, designed, shaped. Breathed, every day.

This is the ideal situation. A customer visits us and we are in perfect tune already, something we cannot explain, and we start a journey together. This is what happened with ottod’Ame and we are proud to have been there since the very beginning. We started from a name and created a new identity. Contemporary, visual and musical. Like a human being that grows up, the facets of the story increased in number, stories intertwined, colours overlapped. Shop windows, stores’ settings and apparels’ labels, presentations, events for the Milan Fashion Week, media planning, look-books, collaborations and – of course – online and offline advertising. A journey we loved. And we carry in our hearts.


Call me by my name.

A name is precious.


Listen to me and let me feel.

A new name is a rebirth.
The promise of a new day, the hope of infinity.
The voice of eight women, the music of a single voice.
Depth of soul, lightness of irony.

Welcome, ottod’Ame.
Eight women.

They instil life and put heart in what they do.
Eight minutes.

For a sunray that caresses our face.
Eight faces.

For a story that talks about everyone and no one.
Eight hours.

For a day that passes slowly until night.
Eight paths.

For life, that finds its way.


We built a world.

We outlined the ottod’Ame woman and her tone of voice and essence. Rock and romantic, naive and strong, ironic and sensible.

A woman that can surprise with a sincere smile. A woman that knows what she wants.

campaign concept

Smaller things can talk.

ADS campaigns, original concepts, original locations. One collection is made up of different pieces with varied souls. Our job is to sum everything up in a unique meaning. And to mould it. In a concept, a creative direction, a vision.
Two times per year.
A new breath.

art direction & design

Tracing a mark. Durable.

From the smallest label to the biggest billboard. A magazine, a shooting, a shop window, an Instagram story. In almagreal all projects for ottod’Ame are followed with the utmost dedication. An almost obsessive crosscheck. We always want to be sure that everything matches and follows the brand strategy, with the ultimate goal of increasing the brand awareness. With a keen eye on amazement and fun!

Tell me your story,
I’ll listen.

Fashion brands are usually silent.
In almagreal we gave voice to ottod’Ame. To talk, shout, sing, whisper. It is an authentic voice, which can narrate a story as big as the world. Words are powerful. But meaningful words are unforgettable.

Un’altra, altrove.

Voices are varied.
Are you sure there is still need to scream?
Maybe it is better to choose the right words, giving voice to your inner, own world.
A few letters or a whole story, a sentence or a rhyme.
Silence talks, too.
Another you, elsewhere.
This is what it does: it sums up, narrates and opens up on new worlds.
Just four words. Are they four words only?
production – location scouting – ADV campaign

Behind a snapshot.

It’s a moment. Time of a click. However, behind a single snapshot there are hours of work. From finding the right location to organising the production, as well as casting for models and choice of props. An intense job, sometimes exhausting, but exciting. It is like watching at a mechanism broken down on a table and realizing that they’ll wedge in perfectly. The desk at almagreal is always full of mechanisms waiting to find their matchings. Wanna play?
the love affair with ottod’Ame

8 years, 16 seasons,
∞ love

event concept&planning

It’s my party and I’ll smile if I want to.

The balance of an entire production is complex. almagreal organized and followed, step by step, all the processes needed to succeed and achieve the highest success in every ottod’Ame event.
The right idea, the right music, the right location, the right setting, the right invitation, the right catering. Logistics and bureaucracy are our daily bread.
Challenges impossible to win, too. So easy to recognize us. We are those running, speaking on the phone and moving heavy weights. To melt then tension away toasting joyfully.

What a journey!

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