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Càrrel / Sartorial image for shirts


The Càrrel man always looks into the camera.

strategy – creative direction – art direction – advertising – tv spot – editorial design – web design

We narrate the story of men that wear shirts deliberately.

Càrrel, the tailored shirt exclusively made in Italy, from the fabrics to sewing, synonym of elegance, perfection, refinement, since 1958. The shirt with the elegant red button, for the man seeking for the unique and original piece of clothing and a distinctive effect. Handmade topstitching, mother-of-pearl buttons, the best fabrics and perfect wearability. Against this background, we started to work on a new positioning for the brand Càrrel: a classic/ top quality image. The Càrrel man wearing his shirt is protagonist in an environment that speaks the language of his own style. He meets men similar to him as for character, posture and authority in places dedicated to them: a chess club, a society where smoking – a good cigar, why not? – is still allowed, as well as drinking aged whiskey, a haven of rest where to undo the bow tie after a party. Elegance, design, refinement, unicity: with an English-style touch. Contemporary in his mind and with classic nuances. Either James Bond, or Superman, the shirt is always flawless and perfect.

An Autumn evening in an exclusive club.

Spring and Summer on the lake chasing secrets.

Winter on a coach to discover historic residences.

Editorial Design

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