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Progetto Quid / Unexpected (Green)

Progetto Quid

Unexpected (Green).

creative&art direction – copywriting&storytelling – location&model scouting – produzione – photo&video direction – digital content

Another fashion, another way. That's the payoff we created for Progetto Quid. What did we do for the FW2021? Another shooting. Different, new, surprising. Unexpected (Green).

We chose the most natural setting for Progetto Quid. Green. Because for Progetto Quid, sustainability and ethics are real, not just told. It is the forest that welcomes their Fall Winter, with kindness and wonder. The clothes are the most unexpected protagonists of a scenario that brings them to life. With astonishment, unexpectedly.

The gaze of the forest.

The pleasure of shooting outside again, surrounded by greenery, has given us so much joy. Unexpected (Green) is a look at the kindness of nature, which welcomes, embraces and surprises with its spontaneous beauty. The collection stands out in the simplicity and wonder of a verdant, green and unexpected forest. Clothes are the stars: they come to life as human and natural entities.

The breath of the company.

Recovering scrap fabrics from large Italian companies. And create. Work, new opportunities and beauty. This is the essence of Progetto Quid. The company shooting enters the workshops, travels among the pieces, gets to know faces and stories, and recounts them with images that speak of humanity, passion and work.


fatti un giro tra i nostri fadvorites