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Transform the way you transform.

webdesign – storytelling&copywriting – creative&art direction – photo&video direction

Telling the story of an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing top quality processing systems for over 40 years. Describing their reality and their product. Conveying the passion that drives every choice and every goal. This is what we did for the new Roboqbo website.

Rethinking narration. Rewriting the story. Describing a company that is mission, vision and values. This is what we did by designing the new Roboqbo website. From the drafting of the texts to the selection of the images. From the usability study to the art direction for the new visual content. A transformation for Qbo, the most advanced transformation system on the market.

Transform the way you talk.

Transform the way you appear.

Simplicity, transparency, respect. These are the guidelines we followed when designing the website. A digital universe to tell the company vision, to present the product, to bring the company closer to its customers. The language is simple, likewise the system. The structure is transparent, likewise the company values. The photos respect the products, likewise the machine with the raw materials. Each section of the website has been designed and created to tell the story of the company’s 40 years of experience.

Transform the way you look.

The Qbo system transforms each raw material with respect. This means that Qbo transformations can be recognised by their colours, textures and consistencies. The creative direction of the photos and videos moved in exactly this direction: to convey the very high quality of Qbo processing in all visual content.

Transform the way you post.

From the drafting of the PED to the copy, through the creation of the visuals to the graphic content, the transformation directed by almagreal also involved Roboqbo’s social channels. The aim – for each post – is to convey the professionalism of the company and the high quality of the system.

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