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Findomestic | Direct marketing


Direct mailing? Call now!

strategy – creative direction – copy strategy – editorial design – digital support

We’ve been working with Findomestic Banca for many years. Many, many direct mailings, leaflets, landing pages, posters and material for Customer Centres. But also institutional material designed for the corporate market.

Each project saw us committed to 101%, ready to listen to the client's indications and interpret them in the almagreal style. The work involved both strategy and content, a dimension of creativity that is very congenial to us: at almagreal, strategy and copy with everything that revolves around it - headlines, calls to action - concise bodycopy, effective baselines - are the very heart of the project. Because words are powerful!

The most direct side of marketing.

When it comes to direct marketing and mailings, we must always remember one fact: they can often get into the hands of anyone. Sometimes we created special projects with a well-defined target, for example couples who are choosing to live together, personal loans designed for the end of school or those dedicated to buying a trip or a computer. But in most cases, the protagonist is the credit offered, in the form of a Personal Loan or Card. An offer that has no gender, age or nationality that distinguishes it. So what?

Speak as you would like them to speak (about money) to you.

Simplicity in these cases is essential. The subject matter also allows for lightness of tone so as not to create discomfort or – even less – judgement. The solution is a sincere conversation, not heavy, polite and measured. And clarity, because when you are thinking of applying for a personal loan, it is essential to know everything well, to understand every rate, amount and rule and to understand immediately the steps to take.

One product, infinite ways of saying it.

In describing Findomestic’s core product, its Flexible Personal Loan, we have always chosen – in consultation with the client – to focus on one of its many plus points. The flexibility of the amount of the instalment, the possibility of skipping it, the convenience of being able to do everything from home online or of being able to count on the professionalism of every Findomestic Customer Centre. The product? Always the same. The possibilities for pushing it? Unlimited.

Customer Centres, at the centre.

One of Findomestic’s strengths is its Customer Centres, small branches where people can go to get advice, plan a personal loan application or open a deposit account, ask for clarification and explore topics face to face. At almagreal we designed information for the Customer Centres on individual products, leaflets, posters and a special invitation for the festive season, with which we invited the customer to pick up a gift. From a personal loan to a personal gift!

Findomestic, for Companies.

As a European leader in consumer credit and part of the BNB Paribas group, Findomestic felt the need to present itself as a partner for businesses. Therefore, it asked us for advice on a printed product to be delivered and left with its interlocutors. A publication that would briefly present Findomestic’s values and the solutions it offers. A project that was then translated into digital format, with an adaptation that created an effective and accurate presentation, accompanied by a small personalised gadget. Proof that good ideas pay off every time.

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