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Human Company / Digital campaign

Human Company

Sotto lo stesso cielo.

strategy – creative direction – copy strategy – illustration – videography
The global health emergency that hit our country at the beginning of year 2020 resulted in one of the most destabilizing moments in modern history. A health crisis, but social and economic, too, that created and widespread an uncertain climate.

During these delicate months, almagreal realized for Human Company, leading company in the field of open-air tourism, a digital campaign with a genuine and responsible character.

The campaign included two real-time phases with a brief, strong and vivid copy strategy, and reassuring illustrations. The success of the campaign was confronted with the ability to turn a feeling in a transformation, in this case more than ever.

From fear to hope, with a bag full of desire to re-start and set off.

phase one

Under the same sky.

We were all in this together. With the same feelings. We tried to look beyond.
A strong insight, simple and universal that we declared through five subjects with different headlines and graphics. The visual concept of the campaign is heavenly and dreamlike, in order to convey a message of serenity and meditation. The campaign concept responds to a precise need: Italians ask to spend their holidays in Italy, for the sake of tranquillity and pride, sense of belonging and responsibility. Italy is home and we love being home. Human company intercepts this need offering the safety of being there, its professionalism of attentions and experience in the field of customer care.
phase two

Be. Being. Human.

The professionalism characterised the second phase of the campaign, too.
Human Company decided to give reliable, decisive and encouraging answers to its public. In order to face this need, almagreal decided to focus the concept on the human being and being HUMAN, on wishes and anticipation of desires, on opportunities and responsibility. It resulted in a campaign with a direct and comforting tone, even in the visual, where illustrations and photos together succeed in narrating the story of the brand.
from phase two to phase three

This is our nature.

Why? Striving for happiness and well-being is a natural attitude of human beings.
And it is HUMAN’s inclination to design open-air holidays in total safety and to meet its customers’ needs with tailor-made, safety-first offers all around Italy. Nature welcomes HUMAN’s facilities. In such a moment, nature is the only place where to find a safe embrace, inspiration and salvation.

Human Company on the web.

The first two phases of the campaign were developed in different digital formats. Every content was adapted and recreated with the aim of highlighting the message and brand image by spreading it out and restating it: social media, google ADS, landing page, banner web. Wide-ranging. Breathing in the open-air. .
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