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Mercato Centrale Torino

Il Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale Torino

branding – visual identity – creative direction – setting up – graphic design – menu design – ADS & media plan – web design – digital content

13th April 2019, Mercato Centrale inaugurates in Turin returning to the city a lively place to live:
Porta Palazzo and the Palatine Center.

5 years after the first Mercato was born, here is a new milestone in a great project we have been taking care of – and we still do, day by day – as for the online and offline communication. From the concept to the visual identity, from the setting up of the physical space to the personalization of every small shop, the realization of the launch campaign, as well as the single ADS pages, the design of menus and communication of each new event.

One, two, Turin.

After Florence and Rome, Mercato Centrale lands in Turin. A city with a different public to involve. We talk to residents in Turin, because we enter their city by returning them a lively place to live – the square of Porta Palazzo – but to tourists, too, because they experience and explore the city in an attentive, accurate and motivated way. With the whole system of communication, we are willing to talk to and about the city. Its traditions and symbols, its shapes and contemporaneity.

Triangle? Yes.

Three, the third Mercato. Three, the perfect number. We go back to basic shapes, simple and essential, universal. The human sign becomes the distinctive trait of Mercato Centrale Torino, too. This time it is an elementary sign. A system of pointy signs: subversive, rough and almost ancestral.

The trademark that marks.

The trademark system welcomes the triangle. It is part of the distinctive sign of Mercato and embraces Turin. It completes the circle of Florence and the doodle of Rome. Handwritten, because this is the way we adopted to talk about artisanship. Red, because it must be lively and beating.

Artisans, the summit.

Artisans are the cornerstone of Mercato Centrale, also in Turin, with their production, selection, preparation and selling skills. Illustration is the undisputed protagonist, likewise in all the Markets. Artisans become characters represented through a clear and effective line in the original and spontaneous narration of what Mercato is and what is going on within.

Light on signs.

The starting point of the graphic arrangement of signs is the triangle of the trademark, distinctive trait of Mercato Centrale Torino. Tie and peculiar element that gives a voice and connects. The triangle melts with the peculiar element that characterizes each shop. A non-invasive melting, simple and catching. In Turin, we decided to enrich the signs with a neon light, bright element: an ideal homage to Mario Merz and his art.

The taste of talking about tastiness.

In the launch campaign, communication became communication of art. Art is food for soul, Mercato and its artisans are the soul of food. By opening, we shout it loud and clear. For sure, we do not go unnoticed. Signs are abstract, but speak at an emotional level. Clear and effective communication, blunt and powerful. No wordiness, Mercato is to be visited and tried.
There is no taste to tell a story. Come and taste!

Art communication.

An engaging style over different communication media. An ensemble of human, elementary, drawn-by-hand signs. Inspired by old rock engravings. We decided to go back to a non-verbal language to talk about food, shops and Mercato itself. An open language that leaves room for interpretation to the user. Day by day, event by event.

Come and follow us!

The trait of Mercato strikes the eye, also in the dynamic ADS. All the elements of the composition, as well as the additional and disturbing ones, are both touch of art and elements that attract attention.

Set, narrate, wonder.

Within Mercato Centrale Torino the elements of the internal communication are planned and realized taking care of the specificity of the location: way-finding, signs, infographics, common spaces, shops’ personalisation, maps, instore communication materials.

Known and renowned.

Each protagonist of Mercato Centrale Torino is unique and highly recognisable. Therefore, the uniforms of staff, partners, and artisans are original and customized.

Take away beauty.

T-shirts, water bottles, shopping bags, pens, mugs, notebooks: at Mercato Centrale Torino everything is personalized and ready to take away.

Click, tag, like!

We also designed, took care of and followed the website of Mercato Centrale Torino. From the very first planning of a dedicated page, to the realization of posts, stories, animated videos and special projects. Every day, content creation and image coordination activities for the digital channels of Mercato Centrale Torino are keeping us busy.
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